Croft Vineyard - Willamette Valley AVA

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Farmed by Lee & Chancy Croft, this certified organic vineyard was planted with Pommard & Wadenswil clones in 1985 and sits at 380 feet elevation on southeast facing slopes.  Bellpine soils (the only in our program) characterize the site with silty clay loam and uplifted seabed over sandstone parent material. That marine-influenced soil paired with a microclimate that is metered and less windy than most other spots in the Willamette Valley gives the wines from this site a particular intensity and power without being overtly tannic or overripe.

GROWER/OWNER         Lee and Chancy Croft with consulting viticulturist Ray Nuclo
SOIL TYPE                        Bellpine (silty clay loam, uplifted seabed) over sandstone parent
CLONE SELECTION      Wadenswil & Pommard
VINE AGE                         Planted in 1985
VINEYARD SIZE             Total of sixty-seven acres, Averæn contracts one acre of each clone
ASPECT/ELEVATION    Southeast facing at 380’ elevation


WINES                                   2016 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
                                         2016 Croft Vineyard Pinot Noir

Eola Springs Vineyard - Eola-Amity Hills AVA

Eola Springs Vineyard Block Aug 2016.jpg

Eola-Springs Vineyard sits on the west side of the appellation, exposed to the Van Duzer Corridor’s winds, but situated low enough on the hill to not be obliterated.  The vineyard was planted in 1972 to Pommard and Dijon clones, oriented to the southwest at 340 feet elevation.  The soils are a combination of sedimentary (Nekia) and volcanic (Jory).  LIVE certified, farmed sustainably, purchased recently by Judy Jordan (formerly of J in California).  Notorious for its spicy, red/black fruit with lots of power, and as Adam says, “totally sexy”.

GROWER/OWNER      Owned by Judy Jordan's Capra Company and farmed by Lauren Eisold
SOIL TYPE                     Jory
CLONE SELECTION   Pommard (old vines)
VINE AGE                           Planted in 1972
VINEYARD SIZE           Averæn contracts a 1.8-acre block called North Dumb Ox Block
ASPECT/ELEVATION  Southwest facing at 340’ elevation

WINES                                   2016 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
                                          2016 Eola Springs Vineyard Pinot Noir

Meredith Mitchell Vineyard - McMinnville AVA

Meredith Michell Vines.jpg

Meredith Mitchell Vineyard is a truly unique spot, superbly windy as it is exposed to the blustery winds coming through the Van Duzer Corridor.  All own-rooted Pommard clone vines planted on Jory (volcanic) and Yamhill (silty clay loam) soils with unusual, for the region, wide spacing and single wire trellis system.  This certified biodynamic vineyard is where we say, “all the magic happens.”  Late, slow ripening, wonderful tannin intensity with unmistakably pronounced blue-black aromatics

GROWER/OWNER      Owned by Susan Meredith and Frank Mitchell
SOIL TYPE                     Jory
CLONE SELECTION   Pommard (own rooted)
VINE AGE                           Planted in 1990
VINEYARD SIZE           Total of twenty-two acres, Averæn contracts 2.4 acres in the Alta block
ASPECT/ELEVATION  South facing at 560’ elevation

WINES                                   2016 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
                                         2016 Meredith Mitchell Vineyard Pinot Noir

NYSA Vineyard - Dundee Hills AVA

Nysa Vineyard Mail Aug 2016.jpg

NYSA is arguably the Willamette Valley’s most hallowed vineyard site, meticulously farmed by Michael Mega.  The vineyard shares a fenceline with Domaine Drouhin and also neighbors Renegade Ridge (Archery Summit) and Domaine Serene.  Southeast facing slopes with Jory soils - the famous red dirt, volcanic soils typical of Dundee.  This late-ripening “grand cru” plot is known for tiny clusters, intense color, and the general texture and vibes of Dundee but with muscular framing and lifted spiced/floral tones

GROWER/OWNER      Michael Mega with consulting viticulturist Jessica Cortell of Vitis
SOIL TYPE                     Jory
CLONE SELECTION   Pommard/Coury/115/777
VINE AGE                           Planted in 1988
VINEYARD SIZE           Total of twenty acres, Averæn is two blocks (one original, one 2001)
ASPECT/ELEVATION  Southeast facing at 675’ elevation

WINES                                   2016 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
                                         2016 NYSA Vineyard Pinot Noir

Valin-Morrissey Vineyard - Eola-Amity Hills AVA

Morrissey Valin Vineyards Post Aug 2016.jpg

The Valin-Morrissey vineyard, which consists of two blocks – lower (Valin) and upper (Morrissey).  Originally a land lease, Rex Hill Vineyards paid to develop this property.  Years later when they started cutting away properties, Valin-Morrissey was the last on the chopping block.  We thought it was crazy to let such an incredible site go and pounced on it, farming it collaboratively and sustainably.  Yields wines of classic Eola-Amity Hills character: cola, tobacco, cherries and cardamom all day long.

GROWER/OWNER      Owned by Jeff Valin, farmed by Rob Clarke
SOIL TYPE                     Jory
CLONE SELECTION   113/114/115/777
VINE AGE                           Planted in 2004
VINEYARD SIZE           Total of seven acres, Averæn contracts the entire vineyard
ASPECT/ELEVATION  Southeast facing at 600’ elevation

WINES                                   2016 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
                                         2016 Flood Line Pinot Noir